Wednesday, March 1, 2017


February was a great month! We focused on "Charity" in Family night. We made a charity bingo game and we tried to do many of the kind services listed on it. We were able to pass out valentines out the nursing home, help a neighbor with their yard, share food with someone in need, and send a surprise box of gifts of friends going through a difficult time.

We spent a lot of time outdoors! Aren't Arizona winters amazing? We went on a hike with friends to "A" Mountain. The view was incredible! We also went up to Mt. Lemmon with my dad and we went sledding and built a snowman. 

We celebrated Valentines Day with our friends in the park and as a family on Valentines Day.  We did our family tradition of fruit and fondue on Valentines Day.

 This picture has a funny story behind it. I made brownies for the Valentines party. I took them out of the oven, put them on the counter to let them cool, and then took a quick nap. Bennett was upstairs sleeping in his crib, Josh was at work, so that left Nolan to get into mischief. I woke up to him telling me, "I got hungry and I ate some of the brownies, Mom. They were cooled down. But my piece was too big so I cut it in half. Don't worry, I left enough for the party."

At the preschool park day, Andrea asked all the preschoolers to dress up like what they wanted to be when they grew up. Nolan wanted to be a paleontologist. Isn't he cute?

Life as usual. :) Bennett is very screechy these days. He is learning some signs, because he doesn't say many words.

 Nolan's most recent obsession is the ocean. We read ocean books, we are planning a family vacation to the ocean, we have drawn and painted many ocean animals and even cut them out and laminated them! I love that he loves to learn about the world around him. He is handsome, and growing up so much. He saw the movie, "Sing" with my parents in December and there's a line in it, "Oh my gosh, look at her butt." I have talked to him about that word and he usually will say, "Oh my gosh, look at her bottom. Is that better, Mom?" Or "I love you mom, but sometimes you're toodly. I used but in a sentence, Mom!" But I will catch him in his room, muttering to himself, "Oh my gosh, look at her butt." I joked with my mom and dad that they are no longer allowed to take him to movies! Haha.

We love our time with Josh because we don't get much of it. He loves what is learning in school, but it takes a lot of time, on top of working full-time. He does it all for us and we love him a lot.

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