Friday, March 31, 2017


March was a very fun month! We ran a 5k as a family. a 5k that raises money for brain cancer. We wanted to do it in honor of Don. Melody joined us. So did my friend Sophie and her kids.

We also did a field trip to the U of A planetarium. They had a puzzle exhibit, they watched a planetarium show, and they got to go to the marine exhibit room, Nolan's favorite. 

We did a family night at the hot tub. It was fun!

This is an activity we did at preschool. I had the ocean theme. We sorted ocean animals from A to Z. We also read the "Rainbow Fish" and made rainbow fish crafts. 

March was a big month for us because we bought the house we've been renting! 

Josh and I got to go with my parents to a fun show featuring movies of people doing things outdoors. We had a great time!

We also went to the Desert museum with friends but didn't get any pictures of that!

Nolan says "dude" a lot and it's really cute. He loves learning about ocean animals. He has also become obsessed with the movie "Moana" and can quote almost the whole movie at this point. :)

Bennett is doing ok. He is struggling with growing and the doctors are talking about sending him to an endocrinologist to see if he needs a growth hormone. They also might give him an appetite enhancer. He still doesn't talk much, maybe only knows a couple of words. But his motor skills have really taken off. He climbs everything and is becoming very daring! He is obsessed with clicks and buckles and building blocks. 

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


February was a great month! We focused on "Charity" in Family night. We made a charity bingo game and we tried to do many of the kind services listed on it. We were able to pass out valentines out the nursing home, help a neighbor with their yard, share food with someone in need, and send a surprise box of gifts of friends going through a difficult time.

We spent a lot of time outdoors! Aren't Arizona winters amazing? We went on a hike with friends to "A" Mountain. The view was incredible! We also went up to Mt. Lemmon with my dad and we went sledding and built a snowman. 

We celebrated Valentines Day with our friends in the park and as a family on Valentines Day.  We did our family tradition of fruit and fondue on Valentines Day.

 This picture has a funny story behind it. I made brownies for the Valentines party. I took them out of the oven, put them on the counter to let them cool, and then took a quick nap. Bennett was upstairs sleeping in his crib, Josh was at work, so that left Nolan to get into mischief. I woke up to him telling me, "I got hungry and I ate some of the brownies, Mom. They were cooled down. But my piece was too big so I cut it in half. Don't worry, I left enough for the party."

At the preschool park day, Andrea asked all the preschoolers to dress up like what they wanted to be when they grew up. Nolan wanted to be a paleontologist. Isn't he cute?

Life as usual. :) Bennett is very screechy these days. He is learning some signs, because he doesn't say many words.

 Nolan's most recent obsession is the ocean. We read ocean books, we are planning a family vacation to the ocean, we have drawn and painted many ocean animals and even cut them out and laminated them! I love that he loves to learn about the world around him. He is handsome, and growing up so much. He saw the movie, "Sing" with my parents in December and there's a line in it, "Oh my gosh, look at her butt." I have talked to him about that word and he usually will say, "Oh my gosh, look at her bottom. Is that better, Mom?" Or "I love you mom, but sometimes you're toodly. I used but in a sentence, Mom!" But I will catch him in his room, muttering to himself, "Oh my gosh, look at her butt." I joked with my mom and dad that they are no longer allowed to take him to movies! Haha.

We love our time with Josh because we don't get much of it. He loves what is learning in school, but it takes a lot of time, on top of working full-time. He does it all for us and we love him a lot.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

January 2017

You will notice my titles are becoming the months of the year, that is because I have made a goal to update our blog at least once a month. We like to print out our blog and turn it into a book every 2 years, So I am trying to record our daily life for my offspring--this is for you, Nolan and Bennett and future children!

January started off with a bang. We were told the house we are renting was going up for sale in March, at the end of our contract. We had 2 months to find another place to live. Well, Josh and I had been planning on buying a house this year, but we had hoped to wait until the summer. But, we decided to buy the house we are renting! We viewed lots of homes but none of which we liked as much, or were as good of a deal as the house we are in. We could have waited and looked more but then we would have been homeless, had to crash with the parents AND move twice. Plus, both of us just felt like, this is home. So it is a little busy as we are working on that process. But we are excited to start making it our own.

So, the other exciting thing is that all of us got a very bad cold. Nolan recovered in 3 days. I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel after 2 weeks. Josh's cough is seemingly neverending. But Bennett, our sweet Bennett, got the worst of it. His breathing started getting really poor and he started showing all-too-familiar signs of respiratory distress. We took him into the ER on Friday, but they sent us home. He got sicker and sicker. We took him in the following Monday to the pulmonologist and she hoped he had gotten over the worst of it and would show improvement. That night and the next day, he was even worse. He couldn't keep anything down, we couldn't keep him hydrated, he was extremely lethargic, he was breathing very quickly and working really hard to breathe. So we took him BACK in to the ER and they admitted him. They did a viral panel and discovered it as RSV. :(

He was at the hospital for 6 days, nearly a week. That first night in the hospital, the virus hit its peak. He had a fever of 103! They put him on oxygen, used a compression vest every 4 hours to shake up mucus in his lungs, suctioned mucus out of his nose and breathing airways, did x rays and discovered the virus had caused bacterial pneumonia, so he got IV antibiotics for that. They also gave him only IV fluids for the few days then g tube feeds then finally solid food at the end of the stay.

We were blessed to have so much help from family and friends. Josh's mom watched Nolan, my mom brought me food in the hospital and visited us, she also took Nolan, my dad visited and brought food, we had friends visit and bring us things at the hospital, we had people bring dinner and many, many people reach out in concern.

When we brought him home, some of the new skills we had learned, he couldn't do. His muscles were weak. But he is slowly learning those skills again.

We are glad to have our funny Bennett back!

Also, it was my mom's birthday so we celebrated that with her.

On to February!

Sunday, January 1, 2017


Well, December was crazy, as usual! We celebrated Nolan's birthday, Josh's birthday, Christmas and our anniversary.

Nolan's Birthday:

Nolan had about a billion different birthday celebrations. We had one on his actual birthday, we brought treats to preschool, went to McDonald's for lunch with friends, did a train cake at home, opened presents, and got him a new bike. Then, he had a birthday party with friends. We did train games and a chicken BBQ sandwiches potluck where he got more presents. Then, we had a family dinner joint Josh's and his birthday party where he got even more presents!

Josh's Birthday:
My parents babysat for us so we could go to the new Star Wars movie "Rogue One" for his birthday. We had a lot of fun. On his actual birthday, he came home early from work, and we went to the park as a family, and I made him homemade pizza per request. I then made strawberry shortcake for his birthday cake. Nolan got him a Mario balloon and Jellybeans. Bennett got him cookies. :)

Christmas was so much fun. Grandma Melody did gingerbread houses with the boys, her annual tradition. We went to the Sahuarita Light parade, where they do the parade in the dark but all of the floats/cars have christmas lights on them. We went with our friends, the Parkers, Nolan's best friend, William. Erin came to stay with us, and we went on a hike to Madera Canyon. Christmas Eve, we went to dinner at Melody's, where she did a traditional Spanish dinner. Then, Christmas morning, Melody and Erin were here opening presents with the boys. My parents came over later and Josh and Erin made a Julia Child's recipe, their tradition. We went to church and had a wonderful time as well. 

We had an awesome anniversary--first, we went to a Christmas show at the Gaslight theatre. Then, a few weeks later, we got to go to Sedona on a no-kids trip! Josh's mom and my parents split the time watching our kids. We had a blast! We went on a hike in the Red rocks, we saw Chapel of the Holy Cross, went to cute little shops, went to lots of cute restaurants, and saw some amazing views.