Wednesday, May 2, 2018

April: The Month of our Utah Trip, a trip to Phoenix and life as usual :)

Nolan's preschool is done! I can't believe he's going to kindergarten next year. We have loved doing a co-op the past two years. We have made such great friends! Onto the next adventure!
 Nolan is part of a music program called "Let's Play Music". He has learned some music foundational skills. He got to do the bells on one song for the performance. I was worried he would be too scared to perform because he kept telling me he didn't want to. But the night of the performance, he got up there and was so brave! We are so proud of him!

Our Utah Trip: We wanted to go support Houston and Megan in their wedding. It was fun to see everyone but our boys had a hard time. Mostly Bennett. He didn't sleep well and became increasingly challenging at time went on.

We loved seeing cousin Ellie! She is getting so big!

Usually my boys are scared of puppies. But they warmed right up!

Don't let that look fool you. He was unhappy for most of the car ride. Thank goodness to "Boss Baby", we survived. Barely!

Life As Usual 

 We went to Phoenix for a doctor appointment and stopped at Riverview Park. It was so fun!

At our zoo field trip

At the International Wildlife Museum

29 week pregnant baby bump. Ok I feel bigger than that but when I see pictures, I don't look very big.

I am 30 weeks pregnant this week! I am glad to be in the home stretch. We have officially scheduled a planned c section for July 5th! It's getting real! I don't really like my doctor though but not sure. I want to switch at this point. She brushed off my concerns. She is always in a hurry. I don't know!

In other news, Bennett had a preschool evaluation today. They tested him for cognitive development and physical development. He did pretty well! They said he can't jump with both feet though. Next week is his speech evaluation, so I know he will struggle with that one :/. 

I got a call as soon as we woke up that our scheduled time for the evaluation had to be rearranged because of the teacher walkout and staff scramble, so could we come in 30 minutes. So I was rushing to get us out of the door when Nolan came up to me saying, "There is a lizard with a broken leg in our house." I tell him to let him go back outside by opening the door and I will help in a minute. Apparently, I didn't come fast enough because he came back a few minutes later and said, "It's dead. I used the scissors," To that I responded, "I do not want to hear any more....We will talk about animal cruelty after this meeting and I want you to get rid of this mutilated lizard." Oh man, please pray for me as a mother of 3 boys.....

My mom is awesome and asked zoos around the country to send Nolan zoo maps. We already got one in the mail from San Diego Zoo! Nolan likes telling time and can even do elasped time. He just picked it up. He is subtracting and adding numbers within 100 but doesn't understand place value, so can't subtract 11-2 very well yet. He has an aptitude for math, I think! Meanwhile, he still needs help writing the letter "G". We've got some work to do this summer before Kindergarten!

Bennett loves cars and trucks. He can make "beep beep" sounds. He loves "Wheels on the Bus" and "Boss Baby". He is so cute when he is not a terrible screaming grumpy monster ;).

Saturday, April 14, 2018


Hmm, highlights of last month. 

1) My jogging stroller got stolen. I was jogging with Bennett in it during Nolan's music class. I noticed the wheel was coming off a little, so I tried jiggling it. And it came off! So I hid the stroller, went back to where my car was parked then drove to pick it up and it was gone. :( Luckily, my generous friend Pam lent us hers and then said we could keep it!

2) Nolan tells us he is over his ocean animal obsession and onto zoo animals. He plays zoo animals in the backyard. It is so fun to see his imagination. He draws cages with sidewalk chalk and attempts to write the names of the animals. He asks me to play zookeeper a lot...:) Which means I have to "feed" the animals and catch them if they run away. He sits in our outside swing and eats a popsicle and pretends he is a monkey eating a banana at the zoo, haha. The other day, I was listing to him all the things I had to do that day. And he said, "Yeah, I have a lot to do too! I have to watch zoo videos, feed my zoo animals and do other zookeeper chores." Haha, I wish we could switch!

3) Bennett is becoming very independent. He gets water himself, has to get in and out of the car all by myself (takes like ten minutes every time, aaaaaaah). He is still pretty speech delayed so he screams all.the.time. It kills all of us. I really, really would like him to talk! I noticed though that he appreciates when I acknowledge that I understand what he is asking and that he communicated well. He loves cars and lines up all of his cars on the couch or on the carpet. If we were sitting on the couch, he will come over and make a "road" all over us. We are going to attempt potty training with him next month, wish us luck! 

4) I am 28 weeks pregnant this week. Onto the third trimester, hooray! I am feeling okay. Tired but hanging in there. Baby boy #3 is not a huge kicker but I feel him stretching out a lot. Its funny because whenever I think i haven't felt him a bunch that day, he will kick me as if to remind me he's still there. We are thinking of the name "Grant Ellis Hancock". I know, it's very old and regal sounding. But that's kind of our jam. We like the historical aspect of the name Grant. We also like the name "Ellis" because it reminds me of NY and the years I grew up there, and my grandpa was an immigrant and his name is on the walls at Ellis Island. Nolan calls him Grant all the time and has decided that is his name, haha. I heard him say today to Bennett, "Mom is the boss of me, I am the boss of you, but don't worry Bennett, you can be the boss of Grant". 

They do get along...sometimes...

Bennett and I on our last jog in that stroller...
We went to the Phoenix Zoo with Granny! It was awesome. They had a dinosaur exhibit with dinosaurs that move, and Nolan was fascinated!

Nolan helping Josh make homemade pasta noodles.

Nolan and his cute friend, Hailey. She is moving to Minnesota!

Nolan and his friend, Hinckley at the library.

Bennett's getting braver at the park...

Excuse my thumb...:)

My friend Sophie and I joined a "Moms demand Action" group to assist in making and passing common sense gun laws.

Nolan helping Josh with our little garden. It's doing well, we will have a little pepper now!

Measuring heights of animals, and the kids!

Celebrating "pi day", 3/14.

Zoo pictures. 

Touching stingrays

We went to the Desert Museum with friends over spring break! We got a little dirty looks and comments on their behavior. My friend Sophie and I tried but hey, we were trying to herd 5 little boys!

Bennett shows us this face all.the.time.

We went to "Prickly Park" in Tucson.

Nolan's "zoo".

Nolan at Ethan's birthday party

Nolan had his 4th and hopefully last surgery to fix his hypospadius birth defect. He was so brave! He was only out of it for a day. But he had to refrain from swimming for 2 weeks and that has killed him!

Onto April!