Friday, January 5, 2018


December was absolute insanity. We celebrated Josh's birthday, and Nolan's, got ready for Christmas, finished up bunk beds for the kids, and went on a trip to St. George. It was honestly too busy because I regret not doing more in the way of Christmas traditions. Oh well. There's always next year!

Melody always does gingerbread houses with the kids every December. They love it!

Nolan's 5th Birthday

Nolan is 5!! Josh and I can't believe how big he is now. He has become this sweet, smart, funny 5 year old.

We went to see "Coco" as a family on Nolan's birthday.
We had all of Nolan's favorite foods.

Nolan insisted on having ocean crafts at his party. We had make a sea turtle, and color a starfish.

Nolan and I practice reading and writing almost every day. He is improving!

We did pin the fin on the shark. He helped me draw and paint the shark!

We went to storytime yoga on Nolan's birthday. He calls this pose "the shark". He got really into it!

Cute Bennett at the park.

Josh made Nolan this incredible orca cake!

Josh's Birthday 

I made this bench for Josh for his birthday. My dad helped me a lot! He loves it. He uses it to sit on while he puts on his shoes. haha. I wrote him 30 compliments and put them in 6 balloons (5 in each).  He loved that. I made him swedish meatballs and then we had a brownie cake for dessert. He said it was "perfect fanfare" for a birthday. I disagree because there weren't fireworks or a private jet but ok. haha!


Nolan was a wiseman in the nativity at church.

I did a "Girls on the Run" race with Katy Lee, my cousin's daughter. 

St. George Trip 

It was so fun to see all of our family!! Unfortunately, Erin got pretty sick while on this trip And Nolan, who was sleeping in the same room as her, got sick also :(. He woke up one morning with a terrible throat and sore neck! We waited it out and went to the doctor when we got back. We are pretty sure he just pulled it doing the monkey bars! But he spent at least 5 days on his back with a heating pack, poor kid. :( At least we ruled out scary things like flu or strep.
Me and sweet baby Ellie!

There were red rocks right near our rental. The boys loved climbing on these!

We snuck out for our anniversary date on Dec. 29! 8 years of marriage!

Zion's National Park. Unfortunately, part of it was closed because it is their off season :(


St. George Children Museum

St. George is home to many Jurassic dinosaur fossils! We went to the museum that is set on top of an active fossil site. We had a blast!

At first, Nolan was a little scared of Finn. But he warmed up to him after a few days!

2017 was a big year for us! We bought our first home! Bennett turned 2, Nolan turned 5, Josh turned 30, we finished lots of house projects, and went on some amazing trips! We lost my grandpa this year which was awful. He is so missed.


It was still hot enough to go swimming in November, bonus of living in Arizona!

Reading at the children museum.


We decided to take our own family pictures this year using our tripod and DSLR. Let me just say, it would be nice to have a remote for it! So, we went to Madera Canyon close by to take them. We ended up taking a lot of them on the bridge where we took our family pictures two years ago. 

It started out okay but the boys quickly grew tired of pictures. Bennett did ok but Nolan wanted to explore. He brought a big claw hand we had to keep hiding out of the picture. At one point, he fell into the water a little and got his pants wet. And Bennett found a treat in my bag that made his tongue blue! Last but not least, Nolan got a splinter at the same time several people were trying to cross the bridge. Some kind and patient, one not so much. 

So it was a bit of a headache but luckily, we got some good ones.


We had thanksgiving at Josh's grandma's. Josh's Aunt Amy and Uncle Randy were there with their kids, Hannah and Samuel. The park kids were there and Melody too. It was a hot Thanksgiving, almost 90! So, we went swimming but it even got hot doing that.