Sunday, July 9, 2017


June was a really busy month, with visitors, Bennett's birthday and trips!
The "park" crew: from top left to right: Kate, Sophie, Lisa, bottom left to right: Laura, Jessie, me and Pam. Jessie is moving this week! So we had a paint night at the local restaurant. It was so fun!

Bennett, Evy, Nolan, Will

Nolan and his best friend, William who is moving this week :(.

We had a great time at the Diamondbacks game with our friends, David & Paige. My parents watched our kids and unfortunately, Bennett's g-tube got pulled out accidentally which landed him and my dad in the ER so they could put it back in. He survived but I think it freaked my mom out!!

Father's Day 

My Kids lately 

Nolan is obsessed with the movie, "Trolls". He was invited to a "Trolls" birthday party so we made a Troll hat. 

What it's like to have boys!

See, above caption on how obsessed he is with Trolls...

We  did activities with friends, one friend froze toys in a big block of ice and let the kids hack at it. They had a blast!

Hannah and her family visited from Florida and we loved seeing them!

Nolan says "totally" and it is so cute. Bennett, on our trip, said "Mo-na-na" for "Moana". Bennett is cuddly. Bennett can unbuckle and buckle his seat, and take his shoes on and off. He can say "no" and "Yeah". He tries to run away but mostly walks really fast. He likes to wrestle with Nolan. 

Josh's Trip to Maine (with his friend Pete)

Josh and his mission friend Pete went to Maine to hike in Acadia National Park. It is something they have always wanted to and finally did. Josh had a blast!

Temple Open House 

The Tucson Temple Open House was awesome! I ended up 4 times! Once with my friends, mostly nonmembers. They asked a lot of questions about marriages/weddings in the temple. Then, we went again with Josh's grandma and grandpa, Then, we went again with Amy and Randy and Melody when they visited. Then, Josh and I volunteered there, we were tour guides.

Bennett's Birthday

We had two parties for Bennett--one with friends and one with family. Bennett is starting to understand how awesome it is to get presents!

Bryan's homecoming

My brother came home from his mission!!

Cross-country trip/Family Reunion

We originally decided to drive because it was cheaper. We ended up really loving seeing the country. It was over 3,600 miles, over 50 hours and 10 states. The kids did amazingly well but they definitely had a hard time on the way home. We drove 14 hours then stopped in Oklahoma City. Then, we drove 11 hours to Indiana. My parents rented  a big cabin for us. We stayed there for 4 nights! On Sunday, we went to church, then had an open house for Bryan then Nathalie's surgery. On Monday, we rented a housebaot with a slide. On Tuesday, we went to Wonderlab, and saw Despicable 3. ON Wednesday, everyone went home. Josh and I and the boys went to Indianapolis to see my college roommate, Amy Bucey. We had a great time! We slept at my grandparent's house that night. Thursday, we drove to Little Rock, Arkansas. The hotel we stayed at was a little scary because there was a fight in the lobby between a couple and the police came! Then, Friday, we drove to Austin. Our our way, we stopped at Hot Springs National Park, the smallest national park! We also stopped in Waco to see Magnolia Farms! We stayed at Linda and Gary's house. Then, Saturday morning, we drove home. We are glad to be home!!

We loved our hotel in Oklahoma City!


Bennett's face for most of the drive.

Nathalie was baptized!!

My cousin David and his wife, Sierra!

Emily and Charlotte

My grandparents
Swim train!

Michelle and Auggie :)

They put mud from the propeller on David's back ;)

Grandma got in the water!

Aunt Dawn and Marilla

Nathalie, Emily, Nolan and Charlotte

Grandpa snuggles

Josh loves the children museum!

Monroe Lake


Oldemor and Bennett. 

My parents and siblings.
The original 4.

At Hot Springs National park 

My grandparent's home.



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